Implementing the EU Mission Restore our Ocean
and Waters by 2030 in the Atlantic & Artic

The EU Mission Restore Our Ocean and Waters by 2030 aims to restore the health of one of our most precious common goods: our ocean and waters.

It will focus on restoring ecosystems and biodiversity, eliminating pollution, and making the blue economy carbon-neutral and circular.

Lighthouses will be implemented in four major EU sea and river basis. The first phase (2021-2025) will demonstrate potential solutions, which will be scaled-up and replicated across the EU in the second phase (2026-2030)


Atlantic & Artic

Focusing on preservation and restoration of marine and coastal ecosystems for increased climate resilience in the Atlantic and Arctic basin

Baltic & North Sea

Deploying solutions to prevent, minimise, remediate and monitor pollution across the Mediterranean Sea basin

Mediterranean Sea

Targeting the development of sustainable, carbon-neutral and circular Blue economy in the Baltic and North Sea basin

Danube river

Demonstrating effective ways to restore and sustainably use freshwater ecosystems in the Danube River basin


The latest news and events of our Mission

BlueMissionAA kick-off meeting will take place in Cork, Ireland, on the 23rd of November.