Building a Coordination Hub to Support the Mission Implementation in the Atlantic and Arctic Basin

It will focus on preserving and restoring marine and coastal ecosystems and biodiversity for increased climate resilience

Build and mobilise governance frameworks and networks through multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral cooperation needed to deliver the Mission targets in the Atlantic and Arctic Sea basins and inland water systems, building on existing initiatives, in particular those linked to ecological restoration

Develop and deploy a comprehensive monitoring and reporting framework to measure the progress of the implementation of the Mission in the Atlantic and Arctic Sea basins on an ongoing basis, including the development a set of indicators in coordination with the Mission Implementation Platform, the PREP4BLUE project and all other lighthouse projects in the four sea and river basins.

Develop and maintain a FAIR catalogue of existing scientific and practical actionable knowledge as well as innovative solutions and making it accessible for stakeholders in the Atlantic and Arctic basins and beyond to enable researchers to make their work available to industry policy makers, and citizens to ensure expertise can be easily accessed for preservation and restoration projects.

Develop a dynamic entrepreneurial innovation ecosystem in the Atlantic and Arctic basin, building on and aligning with existing initiatives identified in the catalogue, with the goal of supporting mature technologies and solutions on their path to market and productive use through the connection to investments, funders, donors as well as public and private customers. BlueMissionAA will address the involvement of businesses and investors on the Atlantic and Arctic innovation ecosystem presenting the most representative and robust solutions that were identified and mapped in the catalogue. Regarding the specific case of investment, the project will identify and analyse the funding mechanisms, both public and private, that could finance the implementation, the upscaling and/or the replication of the solutions. This approach will be realized by reaching the relevant actors and networks linked to the blue economy and the ecosystem restoration markets during innovation events not only those proposed by the consortium, but also other events, meetings and conferences organized by third parties. These events, namely the matchmaking and the B2B events will foster interactions between stakeholders with proven success stories, demonstrations, and simulations. The impact of this objective will be measured by specific indicators that will measure the potential of the solutions to be up scaled and/or replicated based on the expected positive impact on the environment, potential revenue stream, the market interest, and the potential to generate jobs and new businesses (attractiveness index).

Engage and empower citizens to contribute to the Mission and boost society uptake of new solutions by performing a systematic and meaningful involvement of all relevant stakeholders, implementing a holistic evaluation framework, and securing a dissemination and an exploitation strategy for the whole project that will be developed and executed according to Open Science standards and Good Scientific Practices.

Coordinate and manage the project for an efficient and timely execution of the activities by establishing a regular and smooth communication as well as a effective operating procedures. This WP will also ensure that GDPR and gender equality will be addressed and implemented in all relevant activities.